The Purpose of the Project’s Model Facilities Print E-mail
Based on the current state of the given forest stands (stands showing the character of coppice forests), site conditions (uplands, floodplains) and upon the agreement of their owners, forest stands which can be described as representative stands for the given type of management are selected.

Within the selected stands, such a number of sample plots is established to safeguard sufficient accuracy of the resulting data (stock, biometric values, increment). The sites are selected with the objective to encompass the entire spectrum of conditions, ranging from tree species, habitats, types of forest stands and their development stages. Within the model sites (management units), sample plots are carefully selected, stabilized and tagged. Throughout the running of the project, as well upon its completion, the development of selected biometric values will be monitored, the silvicultural practices and the associated costs will be recorded for consequent economic evaluation. The number and area of the sample plots have been determined with the objective to safeguard valid statistic data for consequent analyses.

If you feel that you have knowledge of a suitable site for the purposes of our projects, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

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